I am home...

Hey beauties, I have arrived home from my trip to Dubai... It was amazing, I went with my mum and it was a proper girly holiday. We tanned it, went on a boat trip, did the desert safari and even swam with dolphins. 

The malls in Dubai are the business... I dont think I have ever been so mesmorised by stores. I bought alot of things mainly make up, but I also got a bag, watches and a few clothes. I will do posts on all my purchases but I will spread them out as you will maybe get bored reading pages and pages of hauls. 

The first thing before I start a little purchase I made at home. I was holiday shopping and wanted some cheapish powder just to set my foundation while I was on holiday and came across a little gem. In Superdrug I found MUA products and .... they were all £1. For the price I though hmm.. yes why not!? not expecting alot but thinking it will last me through holiday....I was shocked, this power really sets my foundation and does make my skin look airbrushed. My skin is not too bad, it is quite smooth but I do have break outs (which I am suffering at the moment badly!!!) and the powder does seem to cover these quite well. 

 For £1 I would say... RUN AND GET IT NOW!!! 

I will start posting my haul from Dubai soon. 


Samantha Louise X 


  1. Glad to hear that you had a nice vacation in Dubai wit ur mum..I grew up in the middle east and have visited Dubai loads of times :) I still miss it. Do put up pictures, would love to see them..
    Pity we dont have MUA in the US, looks like quite a find!
    please visit my blog sometime, follow if you like, i'll always follow you back :)

  2. I loved it :) it was amazing ... I think though if I lived there I would never have any money the malls are so amazing. I will post some pictures :) XX





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