The joys of The Mall of The Emirates

So I vowed I would not shop all that much in Dubai... I was thinking to myself there is nothing that I really need so what did I do...bought  everything in sight. All the make up I got will be used in my professional kit as I can not bare spending £15 on an eyeshadow for myself... It is a luxury for me to buy expensive make up so I guess building up my make up kit is a good excuse. 

The first part of my haul is from MAC these products are fantastic and I have used them already and had people comment on how fabulous they look. I got four crushed metalic pigments in Summer Stash and a lustre lipstick in Naturally Eccentric. 

Unfortunatly one of the pots has broken and now will not close but this is not a problem as I will just take it to my local store and see if they have any new pots. The swatches are just from the plastic protector in the lid, as you can see enormous colour pay off with very little product. FABULOUS ! 

 I am a sucker for a smokey eye and I believe I have just found the perfect compliment to it. This lipstick is fabulous, it is very pale with out  making me look like I am ill. It is very soft and the it is quite an intense colour. I have used it and it hasnt seemed to last amazingly well but I used it on holiday and for me in 45 degree heat ,maybe this was not the best idea as I was constantly knocking back water. I will test these products over a period of time and give you my true opinions. 

Sorry for my spelling, I should have maybe mentioned I am not very good at spelling but I hoped you like my little haul and hope everyone is well. There is more to come :) 

Samantha Louise X


  1. Love your blog it shows that even though your a newbie you still have followers ! I'm a new blogger and am completely clueless but yours gives me hope! Feel free to follow mine :)

  2. Well you did get a good strong colour from a small amount, great! :)

  3. Those pigments are GORGEOUS! I don't know why I haven't heard more about them. Shows you how long it's been since I have been in a MAC store.. I think I need to get them!!
    Cute blog =)





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