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So I have been working for Helen E Cosmetics for about 9 months now. It started out as a little job while I was at uni but I found that I loved the products so decided to use my kit (which I paid for) as my make up kit. The products are fabulous but some are not suitable for all ages/skin types. 

What I am talking about today is their Eye Pencil with Smudger. When I saw this in my kit I thought it was quite good as it had the smudger on the end which is really useful when I take it out in my handbag as I dont have to carry a smudger brush around, when I tried it I was WOWED! This product blew me away. It is so soft and applied so easily, most lines dont take to my waterline very well so I was pleasantly surprised when it took very amazingly. The product £7.99 and worth every penny, as soon as it starts to run out I am on the website ordering more. I pay full price for all the products I buy from there I do not get a personal discount. 

I would definatly recommend this product for a cheapish eyeliner to add to your collection. 
Love && Hugs 

Samantha Louise X


  1. thanks for following, I follow back:)
    I love this idea 2 in 1. It's great when you carry few thing with you instead of full bag of make up. It's practical and I like it this way.


  2. No problems I like to what everyone is writing about to see which products I should use :)

    This idea is so practical...esp for a night out in the tinnyy handbags :) XX





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