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Here is a little gem I picked up in Sephora. I have never heard of this brand let along tried it but I was so blown away by the quality and price I had to make a purchase. I cant remember exactly how much it was it was somewhere around £20. I havnt tried it out yet because I am a bit of a geek and the pattern on the shadows is too pretty to mess up! I was swatched them but the swatches are quite light as I didnt want to rub off the pattern...I would like to admire it for a little longer :) But here are the pictures! 

Totally not on the subject of cosmetics... The cover in the background is my favourite ever! I got it from Hampi in India last year it is covered in sequins and sparkly bits and only cost £10. I am totally in love with India and the cover has been on my bed every night since I got it. 

Samatha Louise X





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