New Blog ... Any Tips?

Hi there, 

I am very new to this blogging business and hope to get up and running pretty soon so if any of you have any tips please feel free to comment! On my blog I will be reviewing products and clothes and just giving my general opinion on different things! I dont often buy very high end make up or clothes so this blog will be products that are pretty affordable! Please if you have any tips or suggestions contact me. Enough for now.....
Love && Hugs 

Samantha Louise x


  1. Hey, I'm new here too, you could check out out my blog? I aim at people who buy lower end make up :) I'd suggest just advertising your blog, getting people to know you and trying to get as many followers as possible

  2. Heyy. Same here really Im on a bit of a budget the only high end cosmetics I will be buying are the ones for my kit for my job everything I use for myself will be drugstore :) XX

  3. photos! your ideas sound great-take pictures of everything!

  4. Hello!
    I've just started too, love the style of your blog! I'm just trying to get to know as many people as I can at the minute! Good luck with your blog! Xx

    Have a look if you're interested :)





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