A night out...

It has been a busy few days as I am now expanding my business in to ladies and childrens pamper parties. I went out last night with the guy to a cricket club thing so here are a few pictures of my make up. 

 The eyeshadow I used is from the cargo palette that I blogged about the other day. I used Helen E black eyeline to cover my lids before applying the emerald green, then I used the dark brown in my socket line, outer corners and just under the eye I then added a bit of the limeish colour over the lids. I used some false lashes to complete the look these were just some old ones I had only cost about £2.

This look is my favourite to wear out on a night out, it is so easy to do and looks really effective. I have green eyes and these colours really go well with them. 

Samantha Louise X


  1. Oh sometimes I want my makeup to look like that...most days I'm here in my creative studio working away with fabric and paints and whatever else I get into...and I just don't glam up like I used to!

    You are a sweet inspiration! Thanks for sharing this.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  2. i love the eye make up! so pretty :)
    i love ur blog, im following u, follow back? :)


  3. Those lashes are amazing! What a bargain. What lip gloss is that? I'm looking for a pale pink, any suggestions?

  4. Thank you! They are the most amazing bargin! The gloss is Sephora gloss ultra-brilliance ultra-shine lip gloss in number 14. Such a long name! I would say Angel in MAC is amazing not too sure if they still do it as I got it a long time ago but yes, Angel is a pretty pale pink and doesnt make you washed out. I will do a swatch on here for you :) XX

  5. Thanks so much! Yes, It's difficult to find the 'right' pink, one that doesn't wash me out as I'm quite pale. (I say 'quite' to make myself feel better I should probably use 'very') I'll check out the Sephora one too, I LOVE Sephora.





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