Pinks for Good Clean Fun ...

A recommendation of pink lipsticks for Good Clean Fun. Pink is my most favourite lip colour...I think it is my safety net which I always turn to for reasurance. I find that pink especially a pale pink goes with nearly every kind of make up. I am venturing out in to the live of colour in lipsticks but never the less here are a few of my faveourites. 

 From left to right... 134 Darling by GOSH, 11 Touch of Pink by Laura Page, 026 Vintage by Rimmel, Dare To Bare by 17, 700 Nude Delight by Rimmel and finally Angel by MAC. 

I must say I do wear all of these lipsticks and find them all nice to wear although number 17 doesnt last too long, but is very pretty on the lips. 

Samantha Louise X 


  1. Dare to Bare looks gorgeous!! It's too bad it doesn't last very long. But still, I'll have to find out how to get that in the states! =)

  2. Thanks so much for this post! I'm definitely going to try Angel by MAC though I also really like Touch of Pink.
    You have a gorgeous selection of pinks, time for me to get building on mine, big help on where to start, thanks! :D

  3. im totally lovin your blog, you should check out mine i think you'd quite like it :)





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