So... What is my job?

Hey Hunnies! 

So this is a litte post about my job, what I do and where I work and what products I use. I am  a self employed beautician and work with a variety of products on a regular basis. I am fully qualified in treatments such as Nail Extensions, Spray Tans and Eyelash Extensions. I use products that I have tried and tested, this post will just cover the three treatments I have talked about. 

For nail extensions I use NSI products as these are amazing, very easy to apply and they have the most fabulous range of colours. I and many clients like to be a bit braver and go for some very bright extensions especially for the summer. Her are a few examples of nails I have done on clients and myself. 

For Spray Tans I use the Fake Bake solutions in original and darker depending on my clients skin tone. I have personally had many spray tans before and found Fake Bake to be the best! As my skin tone is quite tanned already many did not show up on me and some tans that did show became really patchy and bitty (bitty not the best word to describe it but its what comes to mind) after a few days. Fake Bake takes really well to my skin and my clients skin, you can make it as light or as dark as you want. I come up a fantastic colour and it looks so natural. I dont have any photos of my spray tans at the moment as pc world kindly wiped all my pictures off my laptop and lost my hard drive! 

Eyelash Extensions are.... they most amazing invention on this earth. Personally my lashes are very straight and not overly long so eyelash extensions make them full, long and luscious. They are quite expensive but so worth it. I use Lash Perfect products, you attach 1 fake lash to 1 natural lash and these products feel so natural, some eyelash extensions can feel quite spiky and plasticy but Lash Perfect lashes feel like your own eyelashes. They will need maintaining every 2-3 weeks depending on how well you look after them. Here are a before and after shot! (Not very clear I will have to get some new ones)

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Samantha Louise X


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