Some Facts ...

Sorry I havnt posted any photos I am away with family at the moment  and can not upload any pictures but I will be uploading as soon as I can. 

Here is a little random post... What you didnt know about me... 10 Random facts.

1. My dad was killed in an accident when I was 12... Miss him Love him.
2. I have the most amazing family...they are my support network and I couldnt live my life with out them.
3. I am currently studying Health Studies at University hoping to move on to a degree in Psychology then a masters in Clinical Psychology.
4. from the fact above...I love psychology and I am very interested in learning how the mind works.
5. I am a fully trained beautician.
6.  I have been to India to work with slum children...It was the best experience of my life
7. Make up is my guilty pleasure...I love it!
8. My dream is to go Disney Land Florida.
9. Im going back to India to work with Orphans...and I can not wait!
10.  I was badly bullied at school and missed out on some of my teenage years, I still suffer the consequences 5 years later. I am on anti depressants and so proud of it. I havnt let the bullies beat me!

Thank You for all your support girlies :) 

Samantha Louise X


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