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Heyy Girlies, 

Sorry I have not posted for ages but there was not many places in India that I could use the internet. I had the most amazing time, I was based in Merces, Goa and  I worked in a day care centre for children of migrant workers and lived for a week and a half in a boys orphanage. I went to India last year and fell in love with it and I think I will be going back for many years to come. I visited Mumbai for the weekend and it was heart breaking but the most beautiful place. I wont go in to loads of detail but I worked for Seva Trust, if anyone wants to know anything else please just ask me :) Here are some photos...

Love && Hugs 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. Wow, very jealous of your trip- I bet it was a fantastic experience, really worthwhile cause too! I've always wanted to go to India x

  2. ive always wanted to go to india, those kids are so cute, i wanna give them a hug haha.


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  4. It is a place to visit...its so bizarre and so beautiful. :D XX

  5. I bet it was an amazing trip. I would love to do something like this, can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be though. Lovely blog hun, following you back :) xx





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