I have arrived

Heyy girlies, so I have arrived in India (last week) but this is the only chance I have to get to an internet cafe. It was such a long journey but after about 25 hours I arrived. I lived in an orphanage with boys for my first week and a bit now I am living with a family. I am loving working at the day care the kids are amazing. We have explored some of Goa but as it has been off season it isnt very busy well by Indian standards busy. Me and the other volunteer are going to Mumbai for the weekend to explore ad shop! I have found some great skincare from the Himilayn not sure how to spell it will get back to you on that one. But it is like rs.90  or 1 pound 30! There is no pound sign on here sorry!! There is a massive range of it. Another amazing this is coconut oil and almond oil...use it in your hair it feels amazing! I can not post pictures as my playbook doesn't work over here but I will as soon I am home. Hope you are all well.

Samantha Louise X


  1. wow sounds like your having a great time! I am now following your blog... i love it :) keep up the good work! Laura <3

  2. wow, that must be an amazing experience! i can't wait to hear all about it! :D

    <3, Mimi





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