Boots No. 7 Nail Polish....

Heyy girlies, I have been trying out some new nail polish and I am sad to say... No good. At £7 a bottle I thought it would be good so when I got some vouchers I spent them on the nail polish. I put it on with a base coat and top coat and a day later.... it had all come off!! I have some experience with nail polish and know that is supposed to last more than 24 hours. I am soo upset by this as I love NO.7 brand as a whole! 

NO.7 is like one of the Uk's high end drug store brand.

I am going to the beauty show soon to stock up on supplies so if people could tell me their experiences with O.P.I, China Glaze and Orly I would be very thankful! 

Love && Hugs
Samantha Louise X


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