Himalaya... a hidden gem!

Hi girlies sorry this is a delayed post, but jet lag and illness caught up with me and took me out for a couple of days but now I am back on track and cant wait to tell you about my amazing little find in India!

Himalaya is a range I had not really heard of until I met Emma in India, she had recommended the brand and we stopped off at a supermarket and found shelves upon shelves of it and it cost like rs.60 so less than one british pound! Amazing or what! I didnt really get to use the product alot as I was only there for three weeks and didnt want to bring a load home as my suicase already weighed over but from what I could tell it was working quite well. I purchased the Apricot scrub and the Face Wash Gel. First of all the scrub smelt amazing... Wow I wish they did a perfume in this I would be buying it ASAP! and it worked wonders for making my skin nice and soft. My feet were battered while I was out there so I decided to use some on my feet and the result...WOW!  They were so soft and smooth after one application. I used the face wash gel and it did seem to do a little bit of work however when I went to Mumbai for the weekend I suffered from spots/mosquito bites and applied a little of the gel to the areas before bedtime with out washing it off and it worked the spots calmed down and seemed to go pretty quick. I wasnt able to try the rest of the range but it is something I would jump at if I go the chance to try it again....So very cheap yet so very good! 

Samantha Louise X 


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