I am back ...

Hi girlies sorry I have been away for so long I have been doing so much.. boring stuff though like uni work, boo! 

I went shopping with my mum the other day to Debhanams and I got the best freebie EVER! My mum buys a lot of clinique which I am completly in love with but its a little to expensive for me :( well anyways she bought a foundation and a lipstick and you got this ........ Is this not the best freebie ever! In it you get a lipgloss, mascara, eyeshadow quad, eye cream, face cream and a face wash and of course the amazing bag. I have literally lived off the eyeshadow quad, I have used it everyday since I got it and have now found it an essential to my make up bag. I have yet to try the other products but what I am going to do is do individual posts on them all. If you have a clinique near you I would say go check out bonus time because they give some amazing offers! 

Hope you are all good! 
Samantha Louise XX 


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