Slacking ...

Hi everyone. Sorry again I have been slacking but I have been doing so much. To get the boring stuff out of the way I have had loads of uni work to do (I do Health Studies atm hopefully going on to clinical and forensic psychology) But the exciting bits... I went to the beauty show in Manchester where I got all new products including Shellac and Minx. I haven't tried minx yet but I am in love with Shellac and just experimenting atm. I will upload some pictures to the way blogspot should so get an app for blackberry!! Anyways... I also went to the clothes show at Birminghams NEC and got some amazing bargins! Like a dress for £10 yes just £10!!!! 6 bottles of perfume for £20 and so much more, they do like goody bags and stuff for cosmetic companies so I got loads of makeup including my first Glossy Box how amazing are they really!! Inbetween clothes show, beauty show and uni work I have been discovering new make up and tans and I have finally decided I am getting a side fringe put in! So I will post pictures of everything on here. May not be til tuesday as I have an exam so its all manic down here :( 

Hope you are all well and I am really sorry for been this absent, I am going to try my best to get on here like every other day!!!!! 

Samantha Louise XX 


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