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Hi everyone, I have never really been in to Barry M cosmetics nor have I used alot of Barry M cosmetics just the odd lipstick and nail varnish here and there but when I saw this fab deal at the Clothes Show I just had to go for it didn't I!? For just £10 you got this...

How amazing is that!! The bag is a decent size I would say a weekend cosmetic bag :) It is very light weight, just perfect for on the go! I was not expecting much of the products at first as I have had the odd nail varnish and lipstick before and had not been wowed but once I got them out and tested them this all changed. I have not yet tried out the nail varnishes just because I am currently addicted to shellac but that will come in another post! I have to say the Kip Gloss is quite amazing! and the dazzle dusts too are pretty impressive. The colour pay off is great to say in total it all cost £10 and even in stores it costs very little! The liquid liner in brown I love! The applicator is felt tip like, I have never used on of these before but it is quite easy to apply and does look good too! 
Here are a few swatches of the products ... They all go across in the same order as the picture before :) 

The lilac liner is adorable I just need to find a look I can use it in :) I am still testing out the products so will update with hopefully some make up tutorials. I am loving at the moment just a simple black liner for daytime and some black shadow for night... I need to get creative and start been more adventurous in the make up department.  

If you would like more information on the Barry M cosmetics please comment below and I will be happy to answer and questions. 

Samantha Louise XX 


  1. I love Barry M, have some great make-up for cheap prices! :) Bag is so cute xx





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