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Evening hunnies :) Hope everyone is doing well. This post today is one that is pretty boring but very very essential. Brushing teeth to me is an effort and I do not find it part of the daily routine I enjoy but since investing in an electric toothbrush brushing my teeth is way more fun. I used an electric tooth brush once and snapped the head off so never bothered to get one again until the dentist recommenced the. I bought the Oral B professional Care tooth brush and LOVE it... yesss love it (I know thats slightly geeky but hey!) 

Before brushing my teeth used to be a pain but now I just let the toothbrush do the work and get better results, the brush teamed with Blanx toothpaste has made my teeth shine! I have had so many comments on how clean and white my teeth look and I can really tell the difference. Before I never cared about my teeth, it was just a standard procedure but I know realise teeth are something everyone notices so they deserve to be treated like we would when dressing up our lips. 

I really recommend everyone invests in an electric toothbrush they are very worth the money :) Here are a few pictures ... 

You cant really see my teeth much on here, I will try and find a better one :) 

Samantha Louise XX


  1. Your eyes, my lady, are flipping gorgeous!!!

  2. "Wow, you've got nice teeth" quote from random guy in town xx





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