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Hi girlies! Hope everyone is well. At the weekend I got a new camera and have been playing around with it this week as I am hopeless with technology and still can not work all t functions. But I do really like it, its a Samsung MV800. With it I have been taking a few snaps of some new products I have discovered.

I currently have lash extensions on and find it so hard to remove eye make up as you have to be careful of what you put on them and how you wipe the make up off but... I have found a genius product! My mum always get Clinique offers and gives the small products to me, normally I tend to just leave them in a draw and carry on with my normal routine but this time I decided to use the make up remover and I have discovered my new favourite product. 

Take off the day make up remover is amazing I put it on to a cotton pad and gently wipe over my eyes and within seconds all my make up is off. It is very oily but if you just splash a bit of water on after it removes the oily feeling and leaves make up free! These are a few pictures (these are of my mum big bottle mine is only a small one but it does last a while) 

I would say to get this, it really does remove all make up and if your like me and get lazy after a night out and think its an effort to take off make up this is the perfect solution. 

Have a good day everyone :) 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Oh I may have to try this! xx

  2. I have awarded you the versatile blog award :)
    check it all out here:

  3. might have to try this, currently using liz earle to wash my face and get rid of my make up!

  4. It is amazing I absolutely love it! Aww Little Pink Ponie thank you sooo much XX





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