New year new business ideas...

Heyy Girlies, as it is a new year a have given my website abit of a tidy up but I am lacking on pictures of nails and treatments. I am wondering if you could give me a few of ideas of great nail designs or patterns. I am fully qualified acrylic, gel and silk I also do Shellac and Minx. I have thought of a few ideas to do on people but I am starting to run out now. Could you pleassseeee help provide my brain with some inspiration :) or maybe let me know how you guys like your nails doing :) My website is if you would like to look at a few pics on there :) I would be very very very thankful :D 

Hope your all doing well. 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Uh forgot to say in the picture I used NSI white illusion tips with NSI clear acrylic powder with NSI glaze and go on top. The hearts are some small stickers my mum got me and the pink dots is just pink nail varnish :) XX

  2. I love that little heart xo

  3. Love your website:)

    How about snowflakes to signify winter :)

  4. Great nails. Love this blog post:)

  5. Thank you :)
    Snow flakes would look fab with a dark blue background :D xx





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