No excuse...

Heyyy everyone, 

Sorry I haven't posed in a while I have had two uni exams, debates and dilemma in other words politics and social research... yawn, neither of which relate to my degree. On the plus side though I have had chance to try out some lip products I received for Christmas. My mum bought me two lip plumping  products which are both by the brand W7 (I think this could be a British brand I'm not sure) anyways I have been using these near enough everyday when I have applied my make up I used it as a kind of lip treatment and I think my lips are slightly fuller. My lips seem to have filled out a little, before my upper lip was quite thin and now it has a little bit more fullness to it but I have not noticed a difference in my lower lip. When I use the lip gloss it makes my lips so full! The gloss does what I believe a gloss should do... not too sure what this is exactly but when I apply this it makes me go ... WOW. I will continue to use these products and see if I can see any other differences and keep you posted :D 

Hope you are all well. 
Samantha Louise XX 


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