D.I.Y Presents...

Hello girlies, 

For a job I hold kids pamper parties and from designing party bags for this came my d.i.y birthday/holiday presents. For the girls at the parties I put together a 'grown up' party bag consisting of cosmetic products and gift wrap it for them when I though how much of a good idea this would be for presents and how inexpensive it is to say it looks so effective so I decided to give it a go. 

In the UK there are a range of drug store cosmetics which are reasonably priced for the quality you get. I buy some of these products and make a little gift box to put them in. I decorate the gift box, bows and names are always a hit!! Then I wrap them all together and ta dah!! You have a d.i.y present all ready to go. The presents are always a hit and they add that little personal touch with is often nice to give especially if it is someone special to you! 

Here are some pictures of the party bags I make for kids and teen pamper parties...

For the kids party bags or maybe I should call them party boxes I use a gift box which I get from the wholesalers at about 50p a box, then I get ribbon and paper filling also from the wholesalers and very inexpensive. For the contents in the kids boxes I have a collection of cosmetic items at home which I use but for a birthday/holiday gift I would just get a range of small cosmetics and fill the box in the same way. For the party bags I also make a sweetie bag which is just a load of sweets wrapped up in cellophane and tied up with ribbons. These go down really well as they have the personal touch too and kids seem to love them as well as the more grown up people! (who can resis a bit of sweets eh!?) 

The boxes can be adapted to make anything I have made presents which are just purely sweet boxes and have made a few for baby showers. They are so easy to make and the cosmetic ones make such a good gift for the besties in your life!! 

I can not wait for the next birthday so I can make some more :D 

Ohhh and the sudocrem is working well so far! My skin is very soft and smooth. I will keep you informed on this! 

Hope you are all well. 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. The presents are such a great idea :) Glad to hear about the Sudocrem :)






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