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Heyy Lovelies, 

This is a totally random post but I have been hearing that this is some kind of miracle cream... Sudocrem, ohh yess cream we use on babies could actually be the next big face cream. For a while I have been hearing various celebs and friends rave about sudocrem and how good it is for their skin so on Monday I decided to try it. I have only been using it for two days but I do believe I have seen a slight difference. I had a spot on Monday like quite a prominent one on my cheek and decided to see if the sudocrem trend really lives up to all the hype. I applied (I say applied ... I slapped) on the sudocrem after my shower on Monday night and by morning my spot had gone down ... this worked on a couple of spots I had around my nose too. I have not been using it enough to say it does work but from first impressions this cream is looking pretty promising. I will keep you updated with how it goes because I am using it every day :)

I hope everyone is well and good and enjoying this bit of sun if your in the UK :D 

Samantha Louise XXX 


  1. I actually use it as a facial..
    every couple of months I cover my face in it and leave it on for 10-15 minutes...
    I haven't noticed a huge difference in my spots but it makes my skin SO soft!
    Love it!

  2. I love using Sudocrem I find it does help with spots, as it makes the healing process quicker. I've been using it for a while and can notice the difference. I don't use it everyday but when I've gone a few days without using it my skin does tend to flare up.


  3. I used to use sudocrem on spots but it made my skin really dry. I find it's good for rashes or allergies though !!
    great post !!
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