Disaster averted

Hii Lovelies! 

If any of you out there are like me ... a fake tan addict then you will understand this problem. I have tan on all the time but get super dry skin especially on my arms and legs and my tan starts to go a little patchy (not patchy but looks abit like its cracking) due to my dancing I am unable to moisturise and have up until now just been ignoring it and thinking I will look patchy for a few days then it will go... but not any more!!! 

I went to boots on Monday ohh yesterday my days are so muddled up when Im not at uni, anyway back on track... I picked up an ex foliating sponge, ex foliating and buffing mitt and boots natural collection vanilla body scrub in hope that this would take away some of the dry skin and patchyness. When I got home I ex foliated my skin and buffed over it with the mitt and then showered and applied the body scrub and rubbed it in with the ex foliating sponge. I think I may have scrubbed my arms a little too much as they seemed to sting a bit but the result was amazing! All my patchyness had gone and my skin was super soft and looked so smooth. I have never really buffed or ex foliated my skin (i know i know its so bad that i dont) I have always just thought oh well it wont do much for my skin but how wrong I was!! 

After these amazing results I am now making it part of my daily routine, well twice weekly. I can not believe how much I have been neglecting my skin! If any one can recommend any good body scrubs I will be super happy :) Thank you!! 

Here are a few pictures of the products I purchased: 

I will upload a makeup tutorial soon... I am now re discovering my total love for adventurous makeup. 

Hope you are all well and good!!
Love && Hugs 
Samantha Louise XX 


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