From day to night ....

Hey hunnies, 
This is a make-up look from day to night! With this post I am just going to show you how I apply my make-up from day to night. Hope you all enjoy it ... 
First start by moisturising, priming or applying cream to your face then take some tape and apply it to the outer edge of the eye. Choose a light colour and apply all over the lid. 

In the outer edges and crease of the eye apply a medium brown shadow and blend. Apply a light shade as a highlighter just below the brow bone. Once the lid is complete take the brown shadow under the eye.

Fill in the eyebrows by using a brow pencil or brow cream next apply foundation, concealer and blusher and finally add the lipstick. Use a light shade as this will be subtle for a day look. I thought I would add in an ootd look too, this is what I wore both in the day look and the night look. 
When creating the night look I go over the lid colour with a brighter light shade and the fill in the edges and crease with a dark brown colour. To add more a darker tone a use a little bit of black over the brown to darken it but not make it too matte black. Finally I apply a bright highlighter and blend all the shadows. 
Take the brown shadow under the eye and take a small amount of the black shadow to the outer edges apply gel liner on the lash line and then its time to work on your lips. Apply a pale pink lip liner and fill the lips in with a pale lipstick... I used a pale pink lipstick with a little bit of pale brown lip liner.

This is the final look, I applied foundation, concealer, blusher and bronzer. I went to the cinema and need glasses so bad when I go so I decided to add a picture to show you my final look. 

Hope you are all well. 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. Your eyelashes are so long!

    I followed your blog, please follow back! :-)

  2. i'm following you back :) i'm in love with your eyelashes they soo long, you look stunning :) x





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