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Heyy beauties!
This is a totally random post but it is something that over the past couple of months has become part of my daily life. I have never been one for healthy eating but after binging at Christmas and putting half a stone on I decided to start weight watchers... not to lose weight but to learn to eat healthy. This may sound so simple but honestly I found it so hard to eat breakfast, dinner and tea and found it even harder to eat something healthy. I drive to University which is nearly 2 hours away so when I was setting off at 6:30am I was drinking cans of monster/redbull/relentless and eating packets and packets of sweets. After a while I started to feel real lazy and my skin wasn't as good as normal but I put it all down to early mornings and stress. When I was living alone my daily food would look like this: 
This is what I would eat on a daily basis when I lived alone. I would have relentless and sweets for breakfast, a bowl of beans for dinner with toast and then more sweets and monster and then for tea I would have soup with grated cheese. I wouldn't eat this everyday but it was what I ate often.

Another massive weakness of mine was eating takeaways. I was never one for cooking and would always prefer a takeaway if no one was cooking for me (lazy I know) I would order takeaway at least once a week and think nothing of eating it multiple times a week!
When my mum mentioned to me that she was wanting to join weight watchers I decided to join with her as I thought my eating patterns really couldn't be healthy. When I went on my first week I didnt know what to expect, I weighed in at 9stone5 and was given a recipe book. I was super excited as I actually wanted to cook and it really made me excited about thinking about meals and preparing food. I have been on weight watchers for 3 months now and it has completely changed me. My eating patterns have improved dramatically and I am proud to say I have not had any sweets or monster since January (this is good as they were upping my heart rate) Since starting 3 months ago I have lost half a stone which is good as I don't want to lose too much so I am trying to maintain my weight around 8stone7ish allowing my self to binge some weeks :) I have noticed that I have more energy and that I am not reaching for the face masks as much as my skin is alot clearer. All in all my weight watchers has done wonders for me. I am now eating breakfast dinner and tea and snacks and actually cooking for myself... not just microwave stuff either proper home cooked foods :) 
Here is what I am now eating daily...
This is typically what I eat on a daily basis. I will have a wrap for lunch but will switch up what goes in it and will switch up my tea too. But one the whole this is what I would eat :)
Hope you all enjoyed this post, its a bit random but I have found eating healthy has helped with my skin and has made me feel more energetic.
Hope everyone is ok!
Samantha Louise XXX


  1. Hi!
    Like your blog and follow you! Hope you will take a look on mine:

  2. I know what you mean!
    I used to eat like you did, and it just made me feel drained. I would take a shower and not even be able to stand up. And I know I am skinny, but that doesn't mean I wasn't healthy, I just had a fast metabolism.
    so I decided to go on this fast called the daniel fast. For 21 days you eat nothing but fruits and vegatables and whole grains. After the fast was over, I can honestly say that I feel so much better and my skin feels amazing too!
    I like your blog!





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