Heyyy Beauties!
This post is going to be a haul of my spending spree last week but there is alot of stuff so Im going to do then in different posts...this one will be my holiday haul. So last week my aunty phoned me and asked to go on holiday with her and as I have been super fed up recently I decided a break would do me good... but the holiday is in a month so I had to nip out and start holiday shopping! I ended up in primark as they do the most gorgeous stuff at the most gorgeous prices! The first things I picked up were bikinis and a little bag to put sun tan lotion in... here they are 
I spied the blue bikini as soon as I went in to the bikini section, it is absolutely gorgeous! Then I found the orange one and thought it was just super cute and super girly...and it will look amazing with a tan! I did try some more on but because my boobs are fake they don't tend to fit right. I normally have to just stick to the banded bikinis. But primark have some lovely ones in I was gutted they didn't fit :( After picking up the bikinis I found the little bag, it is always handy to have something to put your lotions in incase they leak and this is soooo cute look at what it says....
How adorable is this ..... ??
The next thing I spied got me really excited......
Are these not just fabulous!? I fell in love with them, they will look amazing with some little white shorts and a pink top for an evening! I cant wait to wear them they are just so pretty!!
When I was lining to pay my mum found something... False lashes...£1!!! yesss £1 bargain!!!!!! 
I got the tick ones and the more natural looking ones. They do look really good in person and for £1 you cant go wrong!!! 
Hope you are all well and enjoy this post, I will post some more stuff here from my little shopping spree soon :) 
Samantha Louise XXX 


  1. I love primarks lashes!! such a bargain :D xX

  2. Those sandals are gorgeous! x


  3. The lashes are amazing for £1 I couldnt believe it!! And the shoes are gorgeous I dont want to wear them just want to admire them lol they were only £10 too :) xxxxx

  4. Hey babe I followed you back, your blog is cute, and I'm a Samantha Louise too :)

    Samantha's Secret

  5. love the bikini! especially the black and white one

  6. Lovely haul! I had no idea Primark did false lashes! I'm going to have to make plans to get over there pretty quickly! Sandals are gorgeous too, what great taste :)







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