21, 21...21!!!

Helllooo hunnies! 
Hope you are all well! This is just an update to tell you what I have been up to this weekend and why my posting has been slacking a little... well this weekend I turned 21! I had an amazing time with my family and had a fabulous party. A lot of my friends let me down so the party got cancelled but my family completely made up for it and threw me the most amazing party! It is super weird and super sad that this may be the last birthday I celebrate here with the family as I am hopefully moving abroad as of next year with hopefully Dubai been my first stop. All my pictures are off my family... my dad was killed when I was 12 and I wish he was here to see my turn 21, but I know he will always be looking over me! Anyway this is just a post to show you a few pictures from my celebrations :) 
My beautiful cake!

My cousin, niece and me...
Family love!

Me and mum :) I look so much
like my dad... R.I.P Dad!
A bit of fun on the trampoline :)

The girlies on dad's side :) 
The girlies on mum's side :) 

The man in my life...
My beautiful nephew!
Little cousin!

Its love... Just after bath time
my gorgeous niece!

My super gorgeous dog Redfa!

New addition... little Buttons! 
 A random post of my birthday pictures! Hope you all enjoyed the little peek in to my weekend! 
Hope you are all well and good!
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Great pics! You look gorgeous! Why is it that friends always let you down on your birthday? I've had that happen to me a few times. xxx

    Come and check out my MAC Giveaway!

  2. Thank You :) I dont know Emma, sucks doesnt it! Ive given in now and just think i people cant make an effort then I cant either. I will deffo check out your blog :D :D xxxxxx

  3. Wow your cake is amaaaazing! I want one like that for my 18th in July! Or a barbie one! Glad you had a good birthday :) xx


  4. Amazing Pictures ,looks like a lot of Fun!

    Lovely Greetings ♡ ,follow each other? :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Love the pictures!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( http://blog.alElizabeth.com )

  6. that cake is amazing! hope u had an awesome time! xxx


  7. Hi just happened upon your blog :) I have been let down befroe by friends on my birthday and yes it sucks! Lovely photos-looks like you had a great time.

    Tanesha x

  8. Thank you everyone! I know luckily my family made up for it... Hope everyone is well! I will follow you all when my internet decides it would like to work xxxxx





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