Terrified ...

Heyy girlies, 
This is a totally random very quick post. I signed up for something yesterday which I am now thinking arghh what have I done.... I signed up for a half marathon even though I have never run in my life! I have always said I was going to do a half marathon and a marathon (I will get to the marathon when I have had more practice) before I move away, so I just signed up for one on impulse. I am hopefully running to raise money for Help for Hero's, I am just waiting on their approval. My ex boyfriend who helped me through the worst years of my life was killed in Afghanistan two years ago and ever since he died I have been determined to do something for Help for Hero's. When it comes to marathons I am totally clueless and have no idea where to even start... I have a pair of running shoes and that is about it. Have any of you done a half marathon before? Do any of you have any tips? I have until October to train :/ wish me luck!!

Hope you are all well I just wanted to share my news with you all :) 
Samantha Louise XX 


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