eeeeeeeee yess :)

Hello beauties, hope you are all well and good. A lot has been going on at home... nothing much exciting just very busy with work and everything but in and among my chaos I have discovered an amazing little find... Garnier Summerbody moisturiser! I have never been a believer in the moisturisers with a hint of tan because I always thought that they didn't make enough of a difference to my natural skin tone but with this one I have been completely wow'd. I saw it half price in boots (it was like £3.15) so I thought well I will give it a whirl while its on offer and within a few days of using it I am in love. I normally layer myself with spray tan and self tanners but I have found that this enhances my natural skin tone while adding a hint of tan and I love it... I would definitely advise giving this ago even if you were not swayed by them before .... Another thing I have found and loved is the photo editing... just the ones that are a bit of fun :) I have been looking for one to make black and white photos for my cards and ended up having a bit of fun editing pictures.... 
Anyway I hope everyone is good and are having a fab time over summer even though in the UK we seem to be having flooding rather than scorching sun! 
Here are a couple of pictures....

Samantha Louise XXX 





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