Hello lovlies! 
Sorry I have not wrote in a while I have been on holiday and have had a hectic couple of weeks! After my birthday I went to Alcudia with my aunty and had a ball even though the first three days were cold :( I was very upset especially as the UK was experiencing a heatwave... Like a proper bikini heatwave! When I got back from holiday I worked a bit and have been coming up with packages and deals for Bonita Destino so have been quite busy... then it was the weekend and I went to Leeds with my cousin. I had a blast there I have never been out there so it was interesting and I love her so much she is my perfect partner in crime! Unfortunately the night was cut short as I was ill :( I keep getting mega headaches and feeling a bit like out of it :( anyone know anything that will take headache pain away as paracetamol doesnt seem to want to work for me :( Anyways I am hoping now to get back in to the swing of things :P 
Hope you are all well!!! I have just got a couple of pictures to share :) 

Samantha Louise XXX 


  1. Lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such a great blog! Would you like to follow each others blog on GfC and bloglovin?

    Lots of hugs,


  2. Loving your nails!

    Hope you give my blog a look if your free :)


    Gem x

  3. Nice to know your back! Love your nails, btw :)


  4. Wooow these naildesign is more than awesome! I love the nude colour and the ringfinger looks awesome!! Think this is such an eyecatcher!! The first picture is really cute:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog





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