Hayfever moan...and possible miracle cream!

Helllooo lovelies! 
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the sunshine if you are in the UK! This sun is amazing, I have actually been able to go out in shorts and dresses without taking a coat! Wheyyyy!!!! But all this sun and good weather does come with a downfall... hayfever! I am suffering so badly with it and do not know what to do. I have tried eye drops, tablets and brufen and nothing is seeming to work :( I am getting really bad headaches and my eyes are stinging so bad... If anyone has any cures I would be so greatful as I constantly looking like im crying with runny eyes and nose which is not really the look I am going for :( 
On a slightly more positive note I went to sallys beauty supplies the other day just to stock up on random bits and came across Jean Marin. The lady in the store was raving about it and said I should try it so I decided to give it a go and buy the face mask (I dont take much persuading) When I got home I tried it out and was shocked at how smooth it made my skin. My skin is quite good anyway and this mask just made it look airbrushed when I put foundation on. I have used it twice and been very pleased with the result but I am going to keep using it to see if it keeps up with the results so I will keep you posted :) 

Hope you stay well!!!! 

Samantha Louise XXX 


  1. I've heard that the Jean Marin face masks are good! Now reading this I'll have to try them haha we love your blog and followed! Please check out ours and maybe follow back? :) Thankyou xxx


  2. It is brilliant that facemask! it makes your skin so soft. Thank you XXXXXX





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