Oh my goodness...

I am soooo sorry!!! 
Helllo! I am soooo sorry I didnt realise how I had not blogged in so long. I started my new job and have worked a lot of hours so I have been coming home and going straight to bed :( I think my body is just like ahh sleep as soon as I open my front door! I have been up to a little bit this week firstly I am still using and loving Garnier summerbody moisturiser! It is fabulous and I have had comments on how healthy and tanned I look, which is nicer than my normal oh do you have a spray tan on? 
Secondly I have been practising baking... I have decided to bake my cousin a cake just as a nice gesture because she has helped me through so much and is my complete inspiration... We call each other giraffes on ice skates as neither of us are too good in heels and we are both quite tall so we look like we are giraffes on ice skates whenever we hit the town! This is my first attempt at my giraffe and is made completely from icing.
The last thing I have been doing this week is my top for the Race for Life. The weather here and in most of the UK has been horrendous lately and is just complete downpours everywhere so I decided I wanted a jumper to do the race in in case it rained or got cold but didn't have time to track down to see if I could find one with the official logo so I decided to make one myself using iron on patches. I am pretty impressed with the outcome and this it looks really delicate and pretty and I can wear it as a normal jumper. Here is the finished look ... 

Sorry they would rotate for some reason :( 
Lastly before I go a little thing.... I came in to my room to find my little dog Buttons laid on my bed with a comfort blanket in her mouth... How cute ... 
Hope you are all well and if you are outside of the UK having a good summer :D 
Hopefully will write again sooner!!! 
Love &&Hugs 
Samantha Louise XXX


  1. Such an adorable puppy! I'm following back :)

  2. hey pretty :) your blog is sooo sweet!





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