Hair extensions.

Hello lovelies! 
This post is slightly random but very relevant to many of us ladies. I have had hair extensions for about two years now and it has taken me ages to find ones that I am satisfied with! I have had some absolute horror stories... I had one lady who put the extensions in upside down and then when I brushed my hair all the extensions backcombed until it eventually matted in to a big ball on top of my head. If that wasn't bad enough I then had another lady who glued bits of my hair together and cut it randomly so I had bit sticking out all over the place. I have had clip in extensions, bonded extensions and micro ring extensions and I have now finally found some I am happy with! I decided to accept defeat and spend a little bit more and go for the Great Lengths hair extensions and I had them done by Jayne Jackson.At first I wasn't expecting too much as I had never been truly happy with any of the extensions that I had had before but once they were in and done I was pleasantly shocked! They looked amazing and also felt amazing. The bonds were so tiny they were barely visible and they blended in with my hair perfectly. I had my extensions put in in March and wont be having them out until October so they have lasted so well especially to say I have not followed the rules and looked after then as I should (partly because I train everyday so don't wash my hair after every workout) I cant say how much I love these extensions!! They are defiantly worth all the wait. 
I know this has been totally random but when I was looking for a reputable hair extension company I found it near impossible to find any reviews. So this is for all those debating whether or not to splash out on some hair extensions and which ones to get :) 
Here are a few pictures of my hair ...

I hope this helps a little for those struggling with hair extensions :) 
Keep well. 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. I would never had guessed you have hair extensions they look lovely. Can't believe someone put them in upside down this is just nuts xx

  2. You have such beautiful eyes! New follower :) Lovely blog xx

  3. Nice hair extension!
    Mind to check out my blog?
    maybe we can follow each other :)

  4. Your hair looks lovely, these sound like such good extensions. I have only heard good things of them. Thanks for your review :D


  5. THank you hunnies. I know I still cant believe they were put in upside down! Crazy :/ XXXXXXXX





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