Glitzy Lips and Update

Hello beautiful's! 
Again I have been away for such a long time but I have been training for my half marathon which is now all over with. I completed it in 2 hours and 38 minutes but I will do another post on that explaining how I trained and what I wore etc! 
Back to beauty... A couple of weeks ago I went to the beauty show and got some amazing things! Some were just the normal kind of nail stuff and essentials but then I came across something amazing and just couldnt resist the temptation.... GLITZY LIPS! Glitzy Lips is by CND and is a foil which transfers on to adhesive on the lips. They come in a variety of colours and are literally the most amazing thing for a night out or making a statement. They are so simply and easy to put on but look so effective and last so long! I had mine on for about 8 hours and it would have lasted longer but I was going to bed :) Also I ate and drank with it on too... but drink through a straw! 
Here is a picture of the Glitzy Lips! 
Are these lips just amazing or AMAZING!!! I have totally fallen in love with them to make a statement :) 
Another thing that I am loving at the moment which isnt strictly beauty but does help with beauty sleep... My onsies! I have a real fluffy one and it is just so comfy! 
This is the comfiest thing I have had in ages its like a big warm hug!!!! 
Hope you are all well and let me know your thought on Glitzy Lips or how you like it if you have tried it! 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Hi. Samantha- YOU are adorable! Thanks so much for loving my product and sharing with the world :)
    CND is actually not the creator BUT I have had the pleasure to sell in the same booth at the Olympia Beauty Show in London along side Minx, CND Shellac and Lumos!
    Try GlitzyLips by Kissing Yourself All Over...Nails ~Body~Lips and just about anywhere you want to add some Glitz!
    Ms Pres
    Twitter @GlitzyLips

  2. Nominated you for the leibster award, check out my post :) xxx

  3. Hello :) Thank you! Sorry I didnt realize it wasnt CND who created it. It is amazing I have had so many people comment on it! and Emily thank you hunny I will check your blog now :) xxx

  4. Love those lips!!! *_*



  5. Your'e gorgeous! Whoever's behind this bullying is just a pathetic loser that has a crap life themselves! x





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