Hello Hunnies, 
This is completely not beauty related but non the less is hopefully going to be an interesting post. Since the beginning of summer I have been training for a half marathon, which looking back wasn't one of my brightest ideas as I have never run a day in my life.I started of just jogging around the streets, then progressed slightly to running a little bit further around the fields and parks and thought I was doing relatively well until I realized I had to run 13.1 miles and not 3 :( I decided to get my back side in to gear and run for 4 miles at a time and try not to stop for breaks, it was so hard and it really did hurt. Now a month from my actual run I am able to do 9.3 miles on the treadmill but at a cost. I ache everywhere and have strained my knee, nearly lost my toenail and have blisters covering my feet! When I decided to do the half marathon I didn't really consider how long it actually was or how hard it would be to train, I put my name down for a very special reason. I am running the race for the charity Help for Heroes which helps support all out troops! This is very close to my heart as someone very special in my life tragically was killed while out on patrol. He helped me through so much and this is the least I could do to repay him and support something which was close to him. It has been so hard to train but what honestly has kept me running even when I have just wanted to give up is all he did for me and how strong he was and running a half marathon is nothing compared to what our men and women are doing in the armed forces. 
I know this is a bit random but it has had positive effects on me, taking up this much exercise is keeping me fit and healthy and also keeping my mind clear. I know it sounds totally cliche but I do feel so much better after I have been running. Before I ramble on more I will tell you what I wear while training.... very simple very boring.... all my stuff is from sweat shop and is just running shoes (tested and matched to how I run) Nike shorts, sports bra and a running top. I also have energy drinks and lucozade muscle bars for energy. 
This is pretty much all the information on my training! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know your experiences if you train in any kind of sport :) 
Here is a link to a site if you want to donate any money to HELP FOR HEROES!

Hope you are all well!!!
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Tag! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  2. Thank you for following. What a great cause! My boyfriend is in the Armed Forces and it is so touching to see people who want to support the country and want to help, good luck! Xxx

  3. Wow good for you what an amazing thing to do to help others! You rock:)

  4. Thank you :) It will be all worth it in the end. They deserve all the support they can get. XXXXXXXXX





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