Right or Wrong!?

Hello lovelies, 
How are you all? So last time I blogged I wrote that some stuff had been going on which wasn't so good... Well Im going to talk about these today. I know they are a bit of a downer just before Christmas but I think it is important to let people know about this kind of stuff. 
So when I was at school about 6 years ago I started to get bullied... really bad. I had it at school,  over the internet and even by phone. I had all sorts of stuff said to me one of my favorites was Fatty Fatty Frog Eyes! I also had threats and death threats. It was very little physical bullying... I had some stuff thrown at me including an egg and was pushed about but was never beaten up enough for it to be a 'crime'.  I has this for well over a year and it was a living hell. It affected every part of my life, I stopped eating and used to hurt myself when I got myself so wound up, I didn't even want to be here. After I left school I still suffered and had a range of therapy and was put on Prozac anti-depressants. At 21 I had overcome alot of the bullying, I am confident, strong, happy and so determined. I don't let the sad pathetic people that ruined my life then continue to ruin it now but... 
After 4 years of nothing... no trouble... not bullying... no hassle I come home not long ago to find some one has been impersonating me. This person has gone through my pictures on Facebook and taken them and have been texting people pretending to be me and also setting up dating profiles. They have used my pictures under a porn stars name and have been texting people in my area explicit messages and telling them to meet me near my house. When I found out the first thing I did was phone the police... apparently its not an offence to do this... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! I was not going to let this drop as they dropped it all at school because it was 'too much work' even though I later found out that it was a range of offences! The police came out to talk to me (didn't take a statement or anything) and went back to do what they could... apparently because the dating site is Canadian it is not an offence to do what they are doing in the UK I would have to take it to Canada to get the persons details traced to and to get them punished. The next thing was Whatsapp is American so again I can not do anything about it... and the only thing I can do in the UK is illegal! I have the phone number and network of the person who is sending these vile messages and setting up these sites but I can not have it traced as it is against that persons human rights!! Again ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! They should lose there rights once they abuse their contract. I am still waiting for the police to see what they can do but the law is one the criminals side and not mine. If I want to get it sorted I have to pay to take it civilly which will cost thousands and if I leave it this guy (I have a good inclination that it is a guy) can do it again to me. It is an offence and comes under the Harassment Act but everyone is so reluctant to acknowledge it, and it would be an offence also if it is a person who bullied me at school doing it but due to human rights I can legally not know who it is! Is this bonkers or what this person is sending messaging telling people where I live yet I can do nothing about it nor can I ever know who it is to give me piece of mind. 
I know this is rambling but I wanted everyone to know the story because if someone else it going through it they will know they are not alone. Also I am not dropping this case even if it goes on for years. I have recently been involved in some anti-bullying campaigning and will do everything I can to highlight it and change there bizarre laws which allow the criminal to have all the rights they want!!! 
Here are a couple of things to follow on twitter: 
Please please please never give up! If you are getting bullied tell some one never keep it in to yourself!!!!!
I hope everyone is well ... 
I will do a more up beat post next on Christmas dresses!! 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Hi I unbderstand what you wenr through as I too was a victim to nasty bullies, although this def seems a lot scarier with people pretending to be you. I recently raised £210 for beatbullying in the beatbullying week which has just passed .

  2. This is awful i can't believe someone has so little in their life, to go around spending their time doing this!
    Hope it all gets sorted out , this would drive me nuts!
    Please keep safe, and have great christmas,
    Holly xx

  3. HEyy Sophie thats was amazing!!! Stay strong it will give the bullies no greater satisfaction then seeing you mad (I know its hard) xxxxxx
    Thank you Holly... it was driving me bonkers! I had a good Christmas hope you did too! xxxx





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