stary nights!

Hello Lovelies!
The other night I went out for a bit of a party in town so decided to take a few photos of how I did my make up and just show you a few new things that I was tring out... I wanted to do a smokey eye but a slightly lighter one so I decided that I would go with a very light base colour with a very dark outer corner and bring it in to the inner corners.
I tried to get the base of my eye light to try and brighten up the look... for this I just used a matt brown colour. I used a grey eyeline from Wet and Wild to draw the out lines and sade in the outer corners.
I then used a black eyeshadow from Wet and Wild to shade in the outer half of my eye... the black has tiny bit of silver in it which really lightens the look. I wanted to add a bit more shimmer to the look as I was wearing a grey dress so I added a pigment from illamasqa, this is black again with flickers of silver in it... any black pigment with shimmer in will work.
Under my eye I used the grey eyeline and the black eyeshadow, with some pigments in the outer corners. (Sorry these pictures arnt amazing, they were taken on my iphone at 4am when I go in from town) For my brows I just used the Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake (I use this everyday it is amazing)....
To complete the look I just used a neutral lipstick with a bright red blusher! (I do have a top on here it is a strapless one)
In these pictured I tied my hair up just because I took them when I got in but I did have my hair down and curled. It was loose curls with my fringe pinned back with bobbin pins :)
Hope you all like this look and are having a fab weekend!
Samantha Louise XX


  1. oohh beautiful make up :D so cute, definately gonna try this!! it kakes your eyes even bigger. great post. Anyway, that's the first time i'm visiting it and i looove it.. i'm scrolling and scroolling down or so long.. i really like it :D i'm your latest follower of course .. follow back or just visit if you can and have time ..thanks in advance giirl :D <3


  2. Your eyes look amazing

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  3. Look looks amazing !!

    Really gorgeous blog!

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