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Hello beauties! This blog post today is going to be on the gym. So at new year I made a resolution to get fit... Who doesn't! I never stick to it ever but this time I am trying hard. So I thought I would show you what I wear for the gym and what I do at the gym. Also I went to the gym last night with a friend but had like an hour to get ready so I decided to play with makeup which I will show you but first......
I got a new toy!!!

My iPad! I am in love with this little thing... My laptop broke so I decided on an iPad instead of a new laptop.
Soo back to the post... When I go to the gym I wear the normal gym kit... Nike running trousers and Adidas running shoes with twin skin socks, I wear a sports bra and a normal vest top. When I first started training for the half marathon I went and got kitted out as I didn't really know what to wear, I went to sweat shop in the local shopping centre and they were so helpful. I never really thought that gym gear would make much difference but they do made loads of difference (well to me they do) the trousers stop me getting all sweaty and uncomfortable, the fit really nice and don't get in the way when training, they are also really flexible which can be a bonus as you don't have to worry about any embarrassing moments like I have had before with leggings. The shoes that I wear are like walking on air... Literally! They are so sort and the kind of bounce if you get what I mean. They are super for running! I normally wear a sports bra when I'm doing a proper workout as they are really good for support! I would defiantly recommend one of these! For the gym I wear a vest tops or when I was running outside I wore a running vest and top as it kept the heat in and sweat out...well when I got sweaty it wasn't uncomfortable to wear. I don't have pictures of my gym stuff as it is just your standard stuff for any sports shop and my shoes are very dirty as I didn't want to wash them because I thought it would bring me bad look in the half marathon so they are in need of a major clean! 
The other night I went to the gym with a friend but had like an hour to get ready so I decided to experiment with some Helen E makeup, this is what I used for clients so never really used it for myself so the other night I tried it out. I started with removing my make up....
For this I used an asda makeup wipe and some cotton pads. On the cotton pads I used a tiny bit of steroid cream just because I was breaking out a lot. I used the cotton bud do get allow my eyeliner off as I wear individual lash extensions so don't like rubbing them. 
Next I used 
Eyeshadow... I used a dark brown for the outer edges of my eyes and blended it with the gold which I put all over my lid. On top of the brown input a deep green colour to make the look slightly softer and add a different aspect to the eye. I also lined under my eyes with this colour. Instead of using black eyeliner I went for a grey liner on my lash line, it is softer and created a soft look to the eye. 
The Helen E eyeshadows are really good because...
They come with an applicator brush. I don't use the brushes for day to day use but they come in so handy when you are travelling as you don't have to cart a load of brushes around with you. These brushes are really good too, I didn't expect much as a lot of brushes that come with eyeshadows and everything are not always that useful but theses are brilliant! 
I used for the eyes just a slight bit of mascara on the lower lashes, I never use it on the top as I have e individual lashes which are great without the mascara. 
After the eyes I went to the 
For the face I used liquid foundation with a little bit of cream foundation on top. 
I then used a small amount of concealer on my blemishes and under my eyes to brighten them. 
After this I went on to ....
Bronzer and blusher. I put the bronzer in a 3 shape on my face, temple, cheekbone and chin. With the blusher I applied this to the apple of my cheeks, the pale pink blusher is softer for this look and more suited to a look where theemphasisis on the eyes or lips. 
With my lips I used ...
A pale brown lip penick all over my lips with a copper brown gloss. I am addicted to browns at the moment, they are really suited to winter and ghe weather which is uk is experiencing at the moment. 
So after all this here is the finished look! 

My new glasse,  am in love with them!
I hope you like the look :) 
I am also in love with bright nails this week... so I decided to do mine orange ...Heres a look.......
I hope you are all well and having a fab week. 
Samantha Louise XX


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