X Factor...

Hello beautifuls!
Hope your all good... well last night I went to see the X Factir tour live! I now have a renewed love for Rylan and Union J! I decided to go all out and be pretty glam for this look. I did a real smokey eye and wore disco pants!
This is the look I went for... and here is how I got it...

For my eyes I used Illamasqua pure pigment in breathe all over the lid, I then used wet n wild eyeliner in 655 charcoal toslightly wing out the outer edge, I then blended this in using a brush in circular motions. To darken the edges I put a little bit of wet n wild 304 trashed on the outer edges. I used trashed to line under my lower lash line and then used Helen E black eyeliner to line my upper lash line, tight line and waterline.
I then used Sephora mascara on my lower lashes. I got this Mascara in New York and it is amazing. Im gutted I cant get it here but at least I can get it when I move to Dubai wooop. 

This is the finished look for my eyes... I was bad and took this picture when I got home. I really need to learn to get ready on time!

I started off with this beauty for my face (sorry the picture is upside down) Loreal BB Cream is amazing! It has little beads in it and goes on flawless.
This lovely little mix is then what I used to complete my make up. Firstly I covered all my little spots and blemishes with Dermablend concealer, then I applied Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (sorry its not pictured) this foundation has gold parts in it so gives you a real glow! I then applied the Helen E bronzer in a 3 shape pattern, using the Illamasqua eyeshadow I empasised my cheekbones, I applied it just below the apples of the cheeks and the applied the Helen E blusher ono the cheeks. Using Illamasqua eyebrow cake in Thunder I filled in my eyebrows, this has to be done for me I love my brows dark.
For my hair I just used these Babyliss heated rollers. They are amazing, heat them up for like 10 minutes and leave them in for like half an hour as you get ready then sorted! 
Once these are taken out.... 
Your done!!! 
 So time for the outfit ....
I got the disco pants from Jane Norman they were £25, I absolutly love them! I have searched everywhere for some and not found any that I like but I LOVE these! The top I got to go with them is this one from primark for £10 it is beautiful, it is really thin woll on the front and sheer on the back. It does look amazing with the disco pants... well dome to my mum for spotting this beauty. 
So this was the look for going to see the X factor live. 
P.S I just used vaseline on my lips :) 
I hope you like it and I hope you are all well and good! 
Samantha Louise XX


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  3. Oh wow! You look sooo beautiful, dear!! Amazing make up! :)

  4. YOU look great love the make up <3 x


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