Hello Beautifuls!
Hope you are all well and good!!
This post is two different looks I have worn over the past week or so.
The first look is when I went Ice Skating ...
For this look I just went for a brown smokey eye and red lips. I know its a bit of a lot just for ice skating but I had been at Uni all day (I have to get up at 5:30am for this) and it was easier to just put a bit of makeup on to make me look semi decent. When I do red lips I always use Liable from Illamasqua and sometimes put a gloss over it. 
The next look is when I went out for my mums birthday! I went out for a meal with everyone who used to work at my dads business (he got killed when I was 12) so I really enjoyed it. I wore a skull midi dress and cream studded shoes. 

For this look I again did red lips but did a dark smokey eye! I used grey and black to create a really dark eye. For my hair I curled it but my hair is so heavy it just drops out after like 10 minutes...If anyone knows any tricks to keep my hair curled please let me know! 
So for the last look there are two looks! Day and night... I went to Machester for the night with my friend, it was amazing I had so much fun! When I went up in the day I went with hardly any makeup on and rollers in my hair! 
I didnt actually go shopping in the rollers but I did travel up in them! I was trying hard to get my hair curled! My friend curled my hair whenwe got to the hotel and it looked amazing! here is the finished result ...

I went for a smokey eye with a lightwr colour on the lid and just black and grey blended around the edges. With this look I decided to go for a nude lip and put the focus on my eyes and headband! the headband was £3 in e sale from New Look! This look was a bit different for me but I loved it! I had such a good night in Manchester here is a picture of us before we went out...
We were both looking very sixties !! 
I hope you all liked this post ... I wanted to show you a few looks which I have worn over the past couple of weeks! I will do some tutorials for different looks but for now just wanted to show you all some looks I like and you could wear and adapt to your style! I am always looking at makeup looks and thinking 'can I make this in to something I could wear for .... occasion?' if you have any makeup looks I would love to see them! 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. i'm in love with your blog! just read a couple of your posts, its really good:) i'm also loving the curly hair and headdress! so pretty:) now following! xxx

  2. Hello. New follower here. I am new at your blog and I really enjoy reading ;)
    If you like my blog, it would mean a lot if you follow,
    xoxo Nika


  3. Love the red lips & smokey eyes!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  4. Hello Darling you are beautiful! love your makeup ...pretty blog :)


  5. Hi just found your blog! Wow I love your make up, the way you do it really suits you and your long dark hair - very pretty! I also really want to try out rollers in my hair, recommend any cheaper ones/where to get them from? :) Great post!

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x


  6. I've nominated you and your blog for a versatile award!
    See my post here- http://coveredbygracee.blogspot.co.uk/
    Congratulations :) x

  7. you looks so pretty:)
    like that head piece, looks so unique;)






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