Jodie Marsh ... BULLIED.

Helllllo beautifuls, 
Sorry I have been super busy lately... My head feels like it is spinning at 3000 miles and hour. This is just a quick post before I do a massive haul of clothes. In December I filmed a documentary with Jodie Marsh, it was all about bullying and she had been to the US to look at their laws against anti-bullying and is trying to bring it over here. I filmed with her to tell her my story, it is on tv this week. I have no idea what bits will be on or how it will portray me but I will do anything to help beat bullying. The show in was on last week when she visited the US but this can be watched on 5 on demand. The next show is on this week on Thursday, it is on channel 5 at 10pm!! Everyone should watch it... Bullying needs to be stopped :) 
I hope you all like it and lets all support BEAT BULLYING! 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. Wow ill defo watch it I was bullied and I hate it it needs to be stopped xxx





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