Helloooo beautifuls!
So today I am going to show you my massive haul of clothes... I work for Lipsy and they are owned by Next...which is brilliant as it means I get a next staff card so I can go to the staff shop. The staff shop is basically everything that doesnt sell at next but for half the price. When I went this time there was a massive sale on for old seadon stock and because Im not a massive fashion girly (Im more for makeup) I went wild on old season stock. So here is what I bought...
This black and white striped dress has black pu panels and was supposed to be £45 ... it has a small hole on the seam which can be stitched right up and because it was last season I got it for £5!!!!

This looks beautiful on again it was £5 - complete bargin! I dont know the original full price but I thhink it will have been somewhere around £50.

I love wearing skirts out they look so classy and this one has the pu peplum which really emphasises the waist which is fab! This was £6.50 reduced from £32.

This playsuit is gorgeous and Ive always wanted it but it was a little too short but because Im going to work away for the summer I thought I could get away with shorts. It was £5 so I couldnt really say no could I? 

My cousin persuaded me to buy this ... she said it was a summer dress which would look good when I go away to work... It was supposed to be £45 but again I got it for £5.

This dress I love...The zip doesnt quite fasten as it should, it bumps out a bit but for £5 you can forgive that! Full price the dress was £55. 

So I always wear leggings and vest tops so I got this amazing little number for £2! It will look amazing over just a plain outfit. 

Again another £2 shirt to wear with plain outfits... 

This dress is not my typical dress but again for £5 I just couldnt say no... it is such a holiday dress though! It was supposed to be £68...

This is beautiful!!! A little chiffon jacket to go over a plain outfit or dress ... it was £45 reduced to £5which I thought was super amazing! 

Another cream shirt to go over my plain outfits or even to pair with smart trousers :) This was £2! 

A holiday dress! I love it, its bright yellow and so floaty! It was supposed to be £55 but I got it for £5 :) 

This is like a pretty 60's dress. It looks amazing on and is super delicate sp will look pretty for a meal paired with some pretty sandles. I dont know how much it was supposed to be but again it was £5 at the staff shop. 

So I think this dress could be the best purchase... Its my graduation dress and yes you guess it... it was £5 from £75! I wanted it when it was in the store but didnt have anything to wear it with but now I have my graduation so I was super lucky to find it amd especially at that price! 

The little beauty is a studded maxi dress :) Its for my holidays just to chill out in in the day or for a quick meal at night... it was £40 reduced to £4... How amazing!!! 
I hope you all like these little gems, I know there is a lot but for the price you really can not go wrong. They are all from the Next staff shop and they are all over the country for anyone who works for next, I didnt know about it for a while and when I did find out I never bothered to go but it is definatly worth it... I would have bought all these if they were all full price but for the price they are great little purchases! 
I hope you are all well and good and had an amazing easter! 
Hope you all ate lots of chocolate! 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. That's a lot of clothing for the money! Well done.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  2. Wow! What amazing bargains. I used to work for next & the staff shop was like a treasure trove!!!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  3. I love dress one and five they look amazing! xx

  4. great blog !

  5. Who many clothes. All the dresses are amazing :)

  6. the second dress is definetly my favorite!

  7. I like the second dress!





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