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Helllo lovelies!!
I have been absent for a long time, Im so sorry Ive been all over the place. It has been such a hectic month with a lot of learning involved. Firstly at the end of April I finished all my coursework for uni! It was the best feeling to finish all of the assignments but it is so odd not having much to do. I had my exam to study for but it was just one exam so not too much stress. As some of you may know I was moving away to Magaluf for the summer so I got on with a lot of summer shopping. The weekend before I went to Magaluf I went to London to do a meet up to campaign against anti bullying which was amazing, it was so nice to see everyone so supportive. I got back from London and the next evening got ready to fly off to Magaluf!! 
On the 6th May I jetted off to Magaluf for the summer... but it wasnt for me. I wanted to be in the sun and the working hours were 8pm-4am which I couldnt do every night, also I dont drink so I found it really hard where everyone is drinking and alchol is needed to keep you warm and awake. On a night I headed to a cafe and revised for my exam, I flew back on the 22nd May to take my final exam at uni and have decided not to go back to Magaluf. I am staying put for now :) This is what I have been doing while Ive been awayfrom writing here. I have learnt alot over the past month and now have a clearer outlook and know that I have tried working summer season but it just wasnt for me, 
I will be back writing posts this week, a makeup look maybe? 
I hope you are all well.... here are a few pictures of the past month. 

Talk to you all soon.
Samantha Louise XX


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