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Hello Beautifuls, 
I have decided to do a makeup tutorial but its not going to be all fancy its going to be my basic makeup I wear when I go for a job interview. Since coming home from Magaluf I have been looking for a job so have been to a couple of interviews and this is the look I wore. I find for a job interview you want to be classic, a little makeup but not heavy. 
Start with cleaning your face, I use baby wipes but use what you normally do. 
After I have cleaned my face I apply moisturizer and concealer. I do not have any specific moisturizer which I turn to I usually just use what is nearest. 
After applying concealer I leave it and move on to the rest of my face. I apply a little lip gloss or balm to keep my lips smooth until I get to the lipstick. 
For my eyes I used a small bit of black eye shadow to line my upper lashes. This is simple but effective and for an interview I think it is just right. 
Once I have lined my lashes I move on to applying mascara to my bottom lashes, I then fill in my eyebrows with my trust eyebrow cake from Illamasqua. Once the eyes are complete I blend in my concealer and apply my foundation. 
The final touches to the look is to add the contouring and blusher. I use bronzer and a light brown eyeshadow to contour and then apply blusher to the apples of my cheeks. Once I have completed the look I apply a small amount of concealer to any blemishes which are still visible. I gently dab the concealer over the areas until it is fully blended in. 
For my hair I just straighten it and leave it down, I do pin back the front though as I am still growing out my fringe and it gets in my face. 
This look is my go to one when I have an interview or anything formal, its not to over the top yet its not too plain. I hope you all like it and link me your looks for interviews :) 
Stay well
Love && Hugs 
Samantha Louise XX 


  1. This is a very pretty look and your eyes are absolutely stunning! :)Would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance!!!
    Penny Rose

  2. Very lovely, dear! :)


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  4. Thank you all :)I will check out your blogs :):) XXXXX





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