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Helllo lovelies! 
I was going to do a make up tutorial but I have had an exciting event which I would like to share with you first! On Friday I ... GRADUATED! This for me is super exciting as I never thought I would do it. I have been so ill over the past few years that I never even thought I would get to uni never mind complete it and graduate with a 2:1. My graduation day was perfect the only thing missing was my dad. Everyone was dressed all pretty and the guys all smart and everyone just had a fantastic day and to top it off it was boiling! 
I didnt know what to wear for graduation... I have never graduated before... so after deliberating I decided to go smart, I wore this dress:
Its £42.99 from Missguided. I loved the dress but I was not happy with how it came... I will write about this is another post when it is all sorted out :) 
I went pretty natural with my make up ...
I used a dark brown shade in my crease blended out with a light shadow, lined with a little bit of black eye shadow. I used a pale pink lipstick with a gloss on top to keep my lips looking natural and neat. I highlighted my face Kim K style... Adding light concealer to all the highlighted areas and dark foundation to contour finishing it off with blusher on my cheek bones. 
I absolutely loved my graduation and I am so proud to graduate... anyone who says Uni is a doss is lying its actually quite hard. I can finally say I have achieved good grades without letting the bullies and illness effect me, dealing with the guy before Christmas disheartened me but I really have proved to myself I am capable of more than I ever thought I was able. 
Id like to say a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has graduate or has passed uni this summer you should all be so proud its no easy road! And to those struggling with getting essays and exams done its well worth the hard work! 
Here are a few picture of my graduation day: 


The best friends a girl could ask for! 

Our little Uni group!


My day was absolutely perfect, I celebrated with the most amazing Uni friends and my mum and grandma was there to see my collect my degree certificate. I could only get two tickets which was sad because I couldn't have a lot of family there but I had my mum and my dads mum because I wanted my dads mum there to see me because he couldn't. 
After graduation I was treated to a lovely afternoon tea at the Belmont Hotel in Leicester! It was amazing! 

Sorry all who were expecting a tutorial post, I just wanted to share this experience with you all :) 
I have order alot of Illamasqua products so when they arrive I will do a post with them but I will get on with the makeup tutorial :) 
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer break if your on school holidays! 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. hey I just stubled across your blog and I love it. its so cute and I love your posts! I followed via GFC, come follow my blog too?

  2. Thanks for following me! You are so pretty! Congrats too on graduating! :) xx

  3. Congratulations on graduating, what a spectacular achievement, especially with the grade you got :) I love the dress you chose it's so classy and pretty!

  4. Oh wow! Congrats on graduating. You looked beautiful!





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