Long time....

Hello my lovelies,
I realise I have not blogged for 4 months and I don't really have a valid reason as to why not it is just really life taking over. I am now working full time so when I get home at 6:30 I normally get food and sleep lol. A lot has gone on in those 4 months so ill fill you in a little...
My niece and nephew have moved to like 10 minutes away so I'm spending all my spare time with them at the minute I am loving it they used to live miles away so seeing them every week is brilliant. My cousin is also a lot closer so much more girlie time with her which is amazing. We are doing a lot of shopping and a lot of eating take aways! The other big change is my job..I was very lucky to come back from Magaluf and get my dream job straight away I am very fortunate that happened! I am absolutely loving working although it is very tiring I wouldn't change it. I am starting a new role in January at a new office it is moving from a trainee to a negotiator... I am truly honoured that I have been given that opportunity so soon but I am going to miss the girls at my office lots. I am so excited to start my new role even went out and got some new work clothes :) Other than working and seeing my family I have just been doing the usual like shopping, seeing friends and taking full advantage of Sundays staying in bed all day. I have found myself enjoying makeup alot more and learning new tips and tricks and lots of new looks! I will be sharing these with you all very soon!
Now I have spoke about my few months off I will share some pictures with you that will be easier than trying to explain .....
Little cousin and Me 
Me and Kieran 

My new best friend 

Me and kieran 

My niece and me

I met my beautiful little cousins for the first time and they sent me
this cute card to say thank you for their presents. 

All ready to be packed up for the soldiers...

Onesie time!

Dark makeup 

Abit too much makeup....

Fitting a 6ft christmas treein to a Fiat 500

My little creations! 

I hope you all enjoyed my little lot of pictures! I will do the next post on the additions to my makeup...I seem to have built up quite a little collection! 
Hope you are all well.
Samantha Louise XX


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