Hello Beautifuls, 
As promised this post is about what is inspiring me at the moment make up wise. I am addicted to looking at all the amaizing designs and ideas on Instagram. I always find myself browsing all the different pictures to help me come up with some new and fun ideas. These people are so talented and their work is absolutly amazing. These are just a few of the looks I am loving right now....
(I have screenshot them so you can all go look at their work) 

These pictures really inspire me and make me want to do my make up as soon as I see them. Unfortunatly I now work 8:30-6 5 days one week 6 days another so I dont get alot of time to create these looks anymore but when I look at things like these it keeps me motivated to experiment with new looks at every opportunity I get. What are your favourite looks? What inspires you to create new looks? 
Hope you are all good and happy. 
Samantha Louise XX


  1. I just love those lashes in the first pic! Beautiful post!


  2. Awesome inspiration!! I have to follow more makeup people in instagram - such good ideas! i'm your new blog follower, can't wait to read more of your posts! xoxo, Makeup Majesty

  3. Great inspirational pieces, xoxo.

  4. Honestly, lately I've been really into a natural barely there makeup. Or else a bold lip like a bright orange or deep burgundy. I used to rock out a heavy smoky eye with eyelashes and the works, but it's refreshing to simplify your look. As well as it saves time!

  5. ♥ Wow lovely blog you have, I was just browsing though & stumbled upon it - It's beyond beautiful with interesting posts. I'm following you via gfc now! Keep in touch x





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