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Hello Beauties,
This is a haul of ... Soap! Within my first month in Dubai I got sick... I ended up with laryngitis! The pain was unreal and then I lost my voice, which is never good when you work with phones! I ended up on lots of tablets and finally my voice came back. 
When I got better I decided I would do everything possible to not get sick again so I went out and got soap...yes! Soap. I wanted some nice soaps which still did a good job of fighting germs so I ended up in Bath & Body works. When I got there the soaps were on offer ... 3 for AED 90 so I obviously had to get 3! I ended up with...
The Japanese cherry blossom, this smell amazing. It's not just a faint scent that washes off as soon as the water hits your hands, once your hands are washed you can still smell this beautiful scent. It has tiny beads in the soap which moisturises as you wash. This not only keeps your hands super clean but nice and soft too. I also got this soap in the vanilla scent too...I'm addicted to vanilla. The war, vanilla sugar is a foam soap, it comes out as a liquid and forms a foam, again this scent is amazing and it lasts! This soap doesn't have the beads in so doesn't exfoliate your hands but it does make them feel soft and smooth. It acts as a cleanser. Soap is something I rarely buy but because I really didn't want to get ill again I thought I would splash out and I must say it was well worth til these soaps make your hands so soft and silky, they make them feel so clean and the smell is out of this world. I will be making my way down to the mall to purchase some more as soon as they start to run low.
The next thing I bough was a couple of sprays...
I bought the warm vanilla sugar in this too... What can I say I'm addicted. The other scent I chose is midnight pomegranate. This is a stronger scent but equally as amazing. I didn't buy them for myself to use I actually bought them as air fresheners as the previous person in my apartment smoked so I needed something to get rid of the smell. These work a treat and because they smell so strong you sod not need to spray a lot. I use the vanilla scent when I am wanting to relax so at night or weekend and I use the pomegranate one when I, just mooching about or if I'm in and out. My apartment smells homely when these have been sprayed, they are also good to use as body spray too.
Last but not least I treated myself to hand sanitiser! Yess very exciting hand sanitiser... Like I said I really did not want to get ill again so I went abit ott. 
There was an offer on miniatures too so I got two hand sanitisers and a case for gem. I got the pink chiffon scent, I have not yet tried this but again the smell is amazing. I'm guessing it is like the other and has the tiny beads in it. They are perfect size because they literally fit in any handbag... I can even fit it in my purse which is super handy! 
The other scent I got is Caribbean escape... I was drawn to this purely because of the name, the Caribbean has personal ties which is why it instantly caught my eye! I don't need to say this but again the smell is incredible. It doesn't have that sanitiser smell that a lot of hand gels have, it has a scent similar to soap rather than hospitals or dentists...if you know what I mean...that smell the unscented sanitisers have. I keep this in my work bag and weekend bag, it is so handy when we are out and about and have no where to wash hands. It also comes in handy when you are around at the beach and the pool and you don't have any sinks near to wash your hands before food... Salt water and chlorine do not taste nice!!
And you can not get a hand sanitiser without a case. This is genius... I am always losing my hand sanitiser in my work bag as it's always full of bits and bobs but with this you can hook it on to the handle or the zip or the inside of the bag so you never have to empty your bag before you find it. I must admit its cuteness drew me to it, I didn't see practical just cute but once I got it home I realised how handy it really is. And because you can hook it on to your bag it makes me use it a lot more. 
I am by no ways one who always has to have things spotless, nor do I ever really care about washing my hands every 2 minutes but when I got sick I decided I needed to take more care and invest in some good soap and hand sanitiser. 
Bath & Body Works is amazing, they make the boring stuff interesting, I honestly never knew soap shopping could be so fun. Smelling all the different scents and deciding from loads of flavours makes the boring shop fun! The quality of Bath and Body Works is super, they do not skip on anything and I could not be more impressed. With no Bath & Body works in the UK it was quite exciting to finally have one local to me although it is now abit dangerous... I keep having to run past to stop me going in because I know once I am in... I will not be coming out empty handed.
What do you guys think of Bath & Body Work? I'm interested to know now I have one locally... Eee very exciting. 
Hope you are all good! 
Love && Hugs
Samantha Louise XX


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