Moving days...

Hello Beauties,
I am very sorry for my long break from here but something exciting happened.... I moved to Dubai! Eee..... It's all very exciting but scary too. I have been here just over 2 months now and I am getting settled nicely. I have been here before and since the first time I got off the plane I knew I wanted to be here!
I'm sorry it has been so long but it was all abit of a whirlwind... I got the job and moved pretty much the following month. Now I am getting settled I am going to star blogging again. Thank you to you all! And again sorry for the lengthy break... I am back now!
Here are a few pictures of my new home ....
Ski village at The Mall of Emirates

With the sealife at The Dubai Mall

Seeing sharks! 
A night by the pool

Dubai Creek


Night out at JBR!

Dubai in the sand!!! 

My cute little cake from brunch 

Walking home...

Night time swim 

View from the pool...

Hope everyone is well and good!
Samantha Louise XX


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