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Hello Beauties,
I have been slacking again due to new life out here in Dubai, , moving here is harder than I ever expected, just find my feet and finding me and my partner homel I am loving Dubai and it has all been worth the hard work but I have missed blogging and testing new products... The heat here is incredible so makeup has been out of the question for a while!
The way I am getting away with no makeup is with false eyelashes. I do my own individual lashes ... Yes this is very difficult and did end up poking my eye with the tweezers a good few times but they just make you look so awake. They are perfect for me when I'm just going to the pool or to the mall when I can't be bothered to put on any makeup (it literally drips of your face here at the minute). I have been doing eyelashes now for about 4 years, I did start out with lash perfect lashes which I loved but when I went to the beauty show in Manchester Nouveau Lashes caught my eye. They looked so natural and as a plus they had odour free glue which I need to do my own lashes. I was impressed with them so decided to give them ago and I can safely say they have not disappointed! 

This is a close up of the lashes .... They make my eyes look so much more awake, this was just as I got up with no makeup on. 
To do my lashes I use the smaller thin ones for my inner corner (0.15x13), the same length but slightly thicker ones for the middle of my lashes (0.20x13) and on the outer orners I use the thickest and longest ones (0.20x14). I will add a few in a random order just to give them more depth and volume but this is the pattern I normally stick to. 
When applying the lashes I use the tweezers and the ultra pro bond glue. The glue as I mentioned is odour free so it is very gentle on the eyes. I have never had anyone who said it made their eyes sting so this one is defiantly a winner! 
Another essential for summer is nail varnish... More specifically white nail varnish. It's so bright and light it makes the perfect summer clolour and it does pretty much go with anything and everything. I have left my gel polish at home so I have been working with nail varnish for the past few months and it has been driving me crazy, the polish melts, chips and generally does not last that long. However I have found this one which lasts a little longer and dries pretty much as soon as it goes on (if your like me you smudge them within a minute of having them painted). It's the Max Factor Glossfinity polish in Snow White. 
It looks so pretty... 
Always have to have painted toes in the sun :) 
I have one final must have that I have just discovered, face scrub and wash. It's the clean and clear morning energy range. As I am out in the sun daily I use sun block everyday which is leaving my face greasy and breaking out. I never normally use face wash or scrubs but this caught my eye as it was but one get one and only cost AED 22.50 ... Just over £3.50 ...
I have only used his once and didn't take any pictures as I didn't think it would work especially not after one use however I was greatly surprised when I noticed an instant result. It really brought the dirt out and my skin looked fresh and glowing rather than it's usual oily self. Which this I will keep using it and post updates to see how I am getting on with it. Have anyone else out there used it? If so how did you find it? 
These are my main summer essentials for going to the beach, the pool or just out shopping. I think bright eyes and pretty nails will always carry you through. And with all the oily sun block it is very important we keep out skin fresh and clean :) 
I have missed blogging so much I am now putting a night aside every week to bring you something new, let me know if you guys have any ideas :) 
Hope you are all having a fantastic summer! 
Samantha Louise XX 


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